Sunday, August 5, 2012

Baby, Moving Day, Back to school & Birthday

Yes, it has been a busy summer for the Nelson family.  We started off the summer with adding a new bundle of joy to our family.  Ethan Alma Nelson was born June 6, 2012 and was 8lbs 3oz.  By far our biggest baby.  He is such a sweet cuddly little guy and we already can't imagine life without him. I'm already torturing the poor boy with lots of pictures.  He just gives such funny faces that I can't help but snap just one more...and one more...Ok, just one more. Seriously, love this little guy.

Six days after having Ethan, we jumped in the car along with my awesome sister Angie and one of my sweet nieces, Lauren we headed cross country to Georgia.  We didn't even make it to Flagstaff when Genevieve got sick and threw-up.  Great way to start the trip.  Our first night we got to stay with Sean's brother & sister in law Jeff and Brandie which was a wonderful visit.  In all it took us 4 days to get to our new home.  We now live in Bonaire, GA.  This place is a jungle compared to Nevada.  There are trees everywhere.  If I'm not paying attention I'll miss the road I want.  I thought we lived far away from other neighborhoods, but then I found "hidden" subdivisions I'd never seen because of all the trees.  I love all the green though, it's a nice change after so many years in the desert.  ha ha
The humidity is also something to get used to.  We aren't outside long before the sweat is just rolling down our backs.  We're adjusting though.  We've really felt welcome by all the folks here and feel pretty at home here all in all. 
After the kids ran a muck all summer it's back to school time.  We start EARLY here; August 1st.  The fun thing for Genevieve is she finally gets to celebrate her birthday at school. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wow, this is the week of celebration for my family.  Ok, at least 3 days of celebration.  We started off on the 4th with my parents 53rd wedding anniversary.  Aren't they a great looking couple?

Then Sean and I celebrated 10 wonderful years of marriage on the 5th. I'm still reeling over the idea we have been married for a century!!  What the heck???  lol

Last but not least, today is my sweet little Evelynn's 2nd birthday.  Wow, how the time has flown by!  What a joy she has been in our family.  Always curious and popping up with new words to say.  She is so loving and very protective of her sisters.  What a character.  Life would be so boring without a toddler!

What great milestones we've hit this week!

April Fools!!!

***For some reason I never posted this back in April.  Oops oh well, a day late and a dollar short.  Here is it anyway.  lol  ***

Today I spoiled my kids with sponge cake for breakfast.  Alas, my children soon discovered that this sponge cake, was really made out of sponges!  They decided to cut their losses and eat the frosting at least.  I was hoping for a much bigger reaction from the kids, but they were rather content just eating the frosting.  Maybe they April Fooled me in the end!  So, not the prettiest decorating, but I was rushed.  I should have made it last night, but I was just too tired.  I got this idea from Family Fun magazine.  Hey and if you want to do still have time.  The day is young!  lol  I posted the video, but it's not all that exciting.  lol  I accidentaly deleated my still picture of all kids checking the cake out.  Woops.  I hope everyone has a great April fools day!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The newest soccer mom!

Yes it's true folks.  I have become the latest in the soccer mom era, and I have to say this could be fun!  Today was Genevieve's first soccer game and my baby did GOOD!  She's quite the runner and even scored the first goal of the game.  I must give credit to my dear sweet husband, because he is definitely the runner of the family.  In high school I was much more willing to let my horse do the running up the hills around our town, while Sean was actually out their running those same hills.  What's crazy is he enjoyed it!!  I should have suspected he was a bit of an odd ball from that!  lol  Just kidding honey!

Now without any further ado, check out my big girl!  She's got a fun group of girls to play with and I'm excited for them all!  : )

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Graduation and promotion

Last week was a whirlwind of events for the Nelson clan.  Of course the main focus for us was Sean's graduation.  After four long years of medical school, I'm proud to say I have a doctor in the family! Sunday May 15th Sean graduate from Touro Univsersity's doctor of osteopathic medicne program. His official title will be D.O. not M.D. (don't worry, they do the same stuff)  Just a side not for what the difference is between an Osteopathic Dr. and a M.D., Osteopathic does more hands on stuff similar to a chiropracter as well as learn all the regular stuff.  Unfortunatly, Sean didn't care for that aspect too much, so don't expect to see him use it in his practice too much.  lol Touro is a Jewish sponsered school that moved to Henderson about 7 years ago.  They are a big school and have campuses in NY and CA.  Overall it's been a lot of hardwork (wouldn't expect different) but a good experience.  Lot's of growth for both of us, and glad it's now in the review mirror.  Now to get over the next hurdles of residency. 

Sean has already headed to Downey, CA which is near LA. He will be working for Downey Regional Medical Center as an internest for one year.  In the fall he will apply for the Air Force's family pracitce residency and we hope to be off into the wild blue yonder all together next summer.  We are not too excited about this time apart, but they aren't paying him enough to support a family of five in Southern CA.  So in the mean time, the girls and I have moved home with my parents.

The day after graduation, Sean was also promoted to the rank of Captain in the Air Force reserves.  He looked rather dashing to me in his dress blues!  Ya gotta love a man in uniform right?  Well, at least I do.  hee hee  We went over to the Mike O'Callgahan Federal Hospital for a short pinning on ceremony with a couple of other classmates he graduated Touro with.  Just a side not here.  If your husband tells you he wants to go through medical school...make him apply for the military's totally worth it!  Anyhoo, I got the honor of putting his new ranks on which was fun.  Once he finishes this year at Downey he will go active Air Force as a Captain.  woo hoo!

As for the rest of us. We are readjusting to living in Logandale.  Genevieve is happy to be "home", Savannah misses the "green" house in Henderson and Evelynn is just happy to be happy.  It's been hard to leave all the wonderful friends and family over in Henderson.  I really found such great people to be with and am so greatful for their friendships and support.  The girls are also really missing the awesome parks we had in Henderson, especially the splash pads.  So we comfort ourselves in horseriding, 4-wheeler riding and hanging out with family.  Not such a bad gig. ;)

Well, I think that updates us for now.  Hugs and kisses to you all!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Genevieve asked me, "Mom, what is St. Patrick's Day?"  I said, "It's a special day you dress up in green."  Hmmm, is that really what it's about?  Well, for us, Yes!  We started off the day with green eggs and green pancakes and then the girls donned they're best greenery.  It was a pretty fun day. 

The girls will be wearing their stuff at a St. Patricks Parade on Saturday and I've been wanting to get green tutu's for it.  Never got one, but I found a pretty cool tutorial on how to make them.  I wish I could have found a brighter green...but I took what I could find.  At least I got some nice dark green ribbon to help it out.  Anyway I was excited I made the tutu.  lol Silly huh?

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm a GREAT Aunt!

So take the title either way you'd like...because I am both!  lol  My niece Stephanie had her first baby on February 6th.  So yes this makes me a great aunt!!  Stewart Agustus Bunker, big name for such a little guy!  lol  He is adorable!  Congratulations Steph and Stew!  We got to meet the new little guy, and can I just say...he is one sweet little baby!  Even Evelynn thought he was least for a little bit.  She tried poking and proding him as much as possible to see what he'd do.  If you scroll down to my music, click on the Brad Paisley song...I dedicate that to my dear sweet nephew Stewart (the dad)...cause I know what kind of a kid you were...I think I might know what kind of a kid your boy will be.  LOL  Hang on Stephanie...things are gonna get dirty! 

Stephanie, Grandma Dalley, Gus, GREAT Aunt Cara